• Peter N.'s 1984 Chevy S10

I’d been thing of buying a used truck for occasional use around my simple tree farm. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but the choices for under $2500, regardless of make, had been overused and well rusted. Then, a friend mentioned an estate auction offering this ’84 Chevy S-10. They said it was in good shape (hopefully the photos worked out). I soon discovered that this truck had received a Rusty Jones treatment which had served the truck well even with dings and bumps to the pickup bed.

At under $1000 there was a flood of bidders, then as it passed over $1200, just two of us. The other bidder was most upset with me when my bid reached $1700, but I bought the truck with under 60,000 well served miles. In the years since buying the truck I’ve had help bringing the maintenance up to full safe use and I recently added a full set of black wall tires. More than a work truck, in light of it’s super condition, it’s now insured with Grundy for occasional use and registered as an antique. This allows me to enter a number of local truck shows. As mentioned, the truck dates back to ’84 and this will be my 84th year on the planet. It’s taken the 70 mile round trip to Fall Hershey a number of times, not to show but to carry my electric scooter for getting around the show.