• Jeremy F.'s 1982 Chevy K30

When I was 16 I owned a 1987 Chevy K10 shortbox that was rust free from Arizona. I had always dreamed of restoring the truck. I installed a lift kit and tires like any high school kid. But college came and 9 miles to the gallon wasn’t cutting it, so I sold the truck and have always regretted it.

Finally saved up the money to buy and build one the way I wanted it. I looked at a lot of trucks and quickly decided that a regular cab wasn’t going to cut it, so I started searching for a crew cab. I found this unfinished mud truck in Lansing, Michigan, to bring home and start my project.

I wanted a modern truck that looked classic, so the 5.9 Cummins engine was taken out of a 95 Dodge 2500 donor truck, frame was shortened to make it a crew cab shortbox, Dodge axles were put under it to make it a single rear wheel instead of the dually it was. Engine was rebuilt and compound turbos from industrial injection were installed, AirDog fuel pump was installed, and transmission was built and fitted with a Goerend triple disc converter. Interior is from a 2002 Silverado, headliner was made by Knish Kustoms, all trim parts and chrome are from LMC, and interior was fitted with Dakota Digital gauges and vintage air for comfort.

This truck was built to be driven daily and taken anywhere. I wanted a classic truck to go to events or out to eat that people would be taken with. Now I’m engaged and this truck will be in all our pictures, and the larger cab will come in handy with a growing family. And this one is not for sale.