• Richard P.'s 1972 Chevy C10

Most car or truck projects start with the cliché, “ I used to have one of those” or ”I always wanted one of those.” Mine is: I always wanted one of those. The model year 1972 was the truck that I desired.

In my business life I rehab older houses and I call it “forensic carpentry.” As I started working on this truck, it has become “forensic automotive.” This truck started out with a good foundation which I thought would only need minor restoration. But after initial investigation I found out that I had to do this, and I can’t do this without doing that, and if I’m going to do that, I might as well do that. You know the rest. So, thanks to LMC, a lot of the “this” and “thats” weren’t as nightmarish as they could have been.

I tried to keep the cab and body components as close to stock as I could. That’s why LMC was so important to me. Not once did I have them say, “We don’t have that part in stock.”

My son lives in Ottawa, Kansas, and shares my love of trucks. Every year we attend the Ottawa car and truck show. When we see the features of the cars that are displayed, we always put things like that on our wish list. This allows us to make some enhancements each year.

I did not want a nut-and-bolt restoration since I enjoy this truck so much and enjoy driving it. With the body and chassis being almost completely rebuilt and the electronic LS-1 motor at this point seeming very reliable, I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere.

My next wish, since the truck runs so well, is the Hotrod Power Tour.