• Larry S.'s 1991 Chevy K1500

Bought this truck new in 1991. It came with the shell, custom paint, stainless steel panels and custom seats. After 20 some years, I had waxed the paint off the truck in certain areas so it was time for an upgrade and rebuild. I stripped the truck down in my driveway, loaded it up on a rollback and sent it off to be repainted. With the exception of a few door dings, this truck needed no bodywork because it was rust free. I gave the paint shop my design and they went to work.

I went to LMC Truck and ordered all the replacement material to be used when the truck was returned from paint. New front bumper, grill, lights front and rear, mirrors, side body moldings, tow hooks, window moldings, and replaced the tailgate latch from outside to inside the bed. When the truck returned from paint, I then installed all of the new parts. I was amazed that all of the parts went on as easy as they came off. No adjusting or modifying of any part. I then bought Chevy 18″ wheels to replace the 16″ wheels and the truck was complete.¬†Thanks LMC Truck for an easy upgrade to a great truck.