• William P.'s 1986 Chevy Custom Deluxe

The story of this truck is just a bit shorter than the lines from the tip of the fender to the ends of the box! I myself am the third owner of what I like to call Chevrolet’s greatest achievement! But back to the story.

At first the truck started as a base model 2wd work truck, it was bought at a local dealership that has since seen worse times than the truck. The first owner bought it off the lot as a work truck and he drove it as a regular truck for about 8 years before he passed away, leaving it with his wife. His wife used the truck only twice every year, to load up furniture and go to her cottage. In that time the truck accumulated very few miles and some rust, but for a truck of its age not much compared to any other.

She kept the truck another 25 years and when she passed away she left it to her second husband. After that the truck was sold to my grandfather for a rather low price. I always told my grandfather he better put that in the will for me or give it to me. He’d laugh and shrug it off and tell me not to worry. After he drove it for one year he let it sit and sit and sit. Finally it got to the point where I offered him a substantial amount of money for it and he said he’d think about it. After a week he passed me an envelope with the registration signed. I can’t remember a happier moment in my life.

Now it was time to get to work. The truck needed a lot of work to get back on the road since it hadn’t seen the pavement in two years. With the help of LMC Truck and a couple other parts trucks he accumulated through those years, we managed to get it back on the road and it’s been treating me well ever since! Recently we’ve been doing a few things to make the truck a bit of a sleeper. But that’s my little secret. That’s this truck’s story but rest assured, as years go on and more miles put on it there will be many more memories.