• Sara K.'s 1984 Dodge Ram Marksman 1000

My 1984 Dodge Ram Marksman 1000 is a very special vehicle. We call her Old Blue and she has been with me since birth. She was my father’s truck and it was bought the year I was born, 1987. I’m now the proud third owner.

The truck served as my dad’s company pickup hauling tools, dirt, rocks and logs and then retired to our barn for almost 10 years. Deep down I always wanted her as my own and my sweet father noticed. Then one year he surprised me with her as a Christmas present! I was so overjoyed!

Thanks to parts from LMC, we were able to give her the retirement life she deserved with all new parts and panels to replace her worn ones. Now she’s quite the eye-catcher, especially to children. I love letting them sound off her General Lee air horns.

I look forward to many cruises with this old work horse and someday passing her down to my own kids, just like my wonderful father did for me.