• Rick P.'s 1981 Chevy C10

I’ve always wanted a squarebody old truck and was on the hunt for a few years. Mainly I wanted a second truck for short hoppin’ with my dog. In the summer of 2016, I found an 81 C10 stepside in Rochester, NY, about an 8 hour drive from my house. This truck appeared to be a gem. No rot or rust, some engine work had been done, and it looked really sharp. Living in New England these model trucks are extremely hard to find. My dad and I made the journey out there to buy the truck less than a week before my wedding (my wife was thrilled). With the truck on a trailer heading back to Massachusetts, all along the way people were giving my dad and I thumbs up as they passed by. When we stopped to eat and gas up people were commenting on how nice the truck was. I knew I had invested in a great classic truck.

Over the past two years, I have gone to many car shows, including one that hosts over 2,000 classic cars and there are only 3 or less of these 1980s squarebody stepsides (like I said, these trucks in great condition are hard to come by in New England). Since owning it, I’ve completely changed the inside for the better. I’ve ordered lots of items from LMC, like new panels, carpets and dashboard. Stripped and painted the inside to match the outside. I have to add that my wife helped me along the way, because deep down inside, she knows it’s a great truck. There are still a lot of improvements I want to make to this truck over the next few years. This truck is already older than me, and someday if I have a son and he takes this truck to his prom- even if there are flying cars by then- he’ll still have the coolest vehicle there.