• Russ O.'s 1979 Ford F-150

I purchased this truck as a one owner. A man in Columbia, MO, bought this new “off the line” from the Kansas City plant when he retired. After he passed his wife put the truck up for sale. A neighbor bought it to part out and rebuild his ‘79 4×4 of body parts. However, when he looked over this truck, as a one owner, all original with under 101,000 miles, he felt someone would want to restore it. He was correct as it was listed for under 45 minutes before I purchased it to rebuild for my wife.

My wife had a similar truck when we were married in ‘87 that her dad had given her as a first vehicle in college. After marriage I blew up the engine and sold it in 1989 and bought a new F-150. Been paying for that move ever since! Every time my wife would see a truck of this year she would remind me of my poor decision making skills. I found this truck and rebuilt it over a two year period and she had no clue. I presented it to her on her 50th birthday and she drives it at least once weekly to work to show off. Thanks to LMC for the correct parts!