• Bill & John W.'s 1958 Chevy Cameo

In 2014, brothers John and Bill White bought Bob Crugar’s 1958 Cameo. The Cameo had been in the Crugar family since November of 1960. At the time, Crugar’s father, Jack, owned a ’58 Impala that he raced at the drag strip in Kansas City, MO. On a fall day in 1960, Jack was to go against the Cameo. He told his nephew, who was with him, that if that truck beat him he was going to talk the owner into selling it to him. Jack Crugar did take it home from the strip that November day. Bob and his brother grew up around the truck. The boys liked to ride in the Cameo and ask their father to “make the wipers work!” This meant they wanted him to go fast enough for the wind to cause the windshield wipers to go back and forth.

When Jack passed away in 2004, he left the Cameo to Bob. Bob started the restoration project by purchasing new doors and fenders. He had the body media- blasted and put into primer. Bob had bought many of the new parts when he agreed to pass it on to John and Bill White after it was in the Crugar family for 54 years.

Subsequently, the Cameo was taken back down to the bones for a frame-off restoration. The truck has a 350 CID engine with a turbo 350 transmission. Vintage air was added along with a new rack and pinion front end with disc brakes and power steering. The Cameo was restored with the original fiberglass bed, original stainless steel. 50% of the chrome on the bed is original and re-chromed. The paint is Dodge Viper Red and Chevy‚Äôs Honey Beige. The Cameo was restored as a “driver” and is a favorite at the cruise nights and shows.