• Abe S.'s 1954 Ford F-100

I bought my 1954 F-100 from my grandfather in 1977 for $200. He bought it new. He worked it hard on his dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA. The non-working odometer read 102,000 miles. It became my second car and sometimes my daily driver. I had the engine rebuilt in 1979. It ran great but the truck was rusting away. It would leave rust marks on the driveway after a rainstorm. My son, then 5 years old, named her Old Betsy.

In 1998, I had it painted the original Meadow Green. A lot of sheet metal had to be replaced or patched. It was still our second car and I used it to haul mulch and take loads to the dump. In 2016 I had it painted again and this time I bought NOS 1954 seat material and rebuilt the seat. I also painted the engine the correct red with argent valve covers.

In 2017 I replaced the heads. It no longer hauls brush, mulch, or makes run to the landfill since I bought a Meadow Green 1955 F-350 flatbed in April 2016 to do my heavy hauling. I like stock trucks and like to keep them original looking.