• 1950 Chevy 3100 – Ed C.

I can’t remember when I wasn’t fascinated with trucks. My first one was a 1936 Ford pickup that my dad took in as payment on a bad debt. It was just shortly thereafter that he purchased a new 1953 Advance Design Chevy pickup and thus began my lifelong love for early Chevy pickups.

In 2002 my oldest son purchased a similar truck with a 1950 parts truck as icing on the deal. My interest was rekindled and with some effort my son agreed to part with the ‘50.

It became a labor of love and filled many hours, days, months and yes, a couple of years of my free time with completion in 2005. The big block 454 engine proved to be the most challenging, but was well worth every hour it took to shoe horn it into the limited space that once held the 216. It still makes my heart pound every time I get behind the wheel.

The garage now houses a combined total of four trucks of my own; a ‘49 GMC powered by a 350 small block; a ‘51 Chevy near-original survivor; a ‘53 Chevy five window truck (next project) and of course the 1950. Oh yes, and my grandson Matt’s 1952 that we have restored, from near death, to a period rod that is nearing completion.

You may have noticed that I took credit for all the work on these vehicles, but the truth is my two sons, Chris and Jeff, have worked many hours on them as well as having their own collections of several street rods and muscle cars.

They even have a couple of trucks.…imagine that.