• Ethan Bystrom's 1982 Dodge W350

This Green Machine is a 1982 Dodge W350. I’m an 18 year old kid that spent the majority of his free time restoring it throughout high school. The truck was originally purchased new by my grandfather in 1982 for the purpose of pulling fertilizer spreaders and stock trailers. It has remained in the family and I was excited to get my hands on it.

It was in poor shape after several times around the odometer (3-4 times, not sure exactly) and was plagued by hacked fixes on the body and copious amounts of cancer. I started work on the truck in January 2015 and it was completed in time for graduation in June 2017. The truck rides on a pair of Dana 60 axles which get power through a NP205 transfer case and a rebuilt Torque Flite 727. The engine started out as a stock 360 small block but has a new rotating assembly and cam, which includes hypereutectic pistons, forged rods, and a forged 4 inch Stroker crank, though the top end remains stock with an Edelbrock carb to top it off.

I disassembled the truck, tossing the box, fenders and doors. The floors, cab sides, cab corners, and rocker panels were all cut off for replacement. A donor box, donor doors and new fenders were all requisitioned for the truck. When I was finished with all the metal work, the truck went to the body shop for a lot of filler, bed liner (as well as on the side of the truck) and paint. The paint color is the same color as optioned on the Dodge Warlock trucks.

Lastly I installed a new set of 16×8 American Racing Outlaw 2’s wrapped in 285/75R16 Goodyear Wranglers. All in all this truck was truly an awesome experience and a blast to work on. My wish is to own it for many years to come and to continue to work on, upgrade, and drive it.