• 1948 Ford F1

I bought my 48’f1 truck to restore for my wife…I did a frame off resto/mod, removed old suspension and welded in a mustang II front suspension kit and swapped out old rear-end for a modern one with disc brakes. it now has 4 disc brakes and also a 5.0ho motor mated to an AOD 4spd transmission, all original steel except running boards, that I got from you guys, along with new windows and an awesome stainless steel front grille. I had to weld in a new floor as well. An old hot-rodder took me under his wing and taught me welding and the art of hot rodding…i’m hooked now! this project took me 3yrs to get it to this point…all I need now is to finish my interior, might have to dig into my lmc magazine for that!