• The Blumhagen's 1976 Ford F-150

If you wrote a play about the Blumhagen’s life, you would have to write a part for The Truck. Sometimes an object becomes a character in people’s lives, and certainly Blackie, a 1976 Ford F150 Custom, has had more than a recurring role in Brian and Teresa Blumhagen’s lives. At 19, Brian accepted work on a dairy farm and it was here he first met the farm truck, hauling supplies and cattle as well as himself and Teresa on a few of their first dates. Once farm owner Myron White decided to retire, he offered Brian the chance to buy the F150. Brian jumped.

Captain Blumhagen’s original intent was to simply keep the truck in its, “worse for wear,” condition, but when called to serve our country in Afghanistan, his wife, sons, and friends came together to restore the old truck beyond his wildest expectations.

Blackie is still a weekly driver and remains a major character in the Blumhagen story.