A friend’s family was buying a farm, and with it came a truck. Nobody in the family would take it. So, after helping them move, they offered it to me. I paid a whole dollar for the title, and $32.43 to replace the dry rotted belt.

Now, one might think, “Farm truck, 250k miles, minimum.” Well I hate to say it but they’d be wrong. At signing, 83,793 original miles. Turns out, from 2000 on, it was barn kept 10 months out of the year.

I’m adding a Class IV receiver next week, and after a few jobs I’m swapping out the 4-pack springs for the 5-leaf set, with HD springs up front. Going to swap the transmission fluid out every 25k, just to keep the 4R70W tip-top.

By this time next year, we should burn more than 80k miles together, all over the lower 48!