After getting my first job on my fifteenth birthday, I started to save all of my money with the goal of buying a square body Chevy. I had always loved these trucks, and it was my dream to have one. After a couple of months of saving up all my money, I started looking around for a truck that I liked, but I could still afford. A couple of months went by, and we found the perfect truck and drove 3 hours to go pick it up. The truck was in good condition, but it definitely needed some work. I went ahead and bought it, and started to work on it right away. A family friend is a mechanic, who builds amazing hot rods, and has a few square bodies of his own. We took a lot of things off the truck, such as the pink pinstriping it came with, and the chrome lining around the tires. We found some 1984 Chevrolet rally rims in a junkyard, and we are continuing to sand and paint them. I plan to work on my truck all summer and have the coolest truck in town by the time we’re done with it.