Over the years, my father had more Broncos than I can even remember. His last one was this 1996 Eddie Bauer Edition. As a child, I remember every summer involved a Bronco, fishing pole, gun, & a camper….we would travel all over the mountain states for a month or more at a time, camping, fishing, and shooting guns!
February of 2014, my father abruptly left me to be with the love of his life (my stepmother), and the good lord.
As an only child there were a lot decisions that had to be made, but the one that took zero consideration was the Bronco. I had it immediately shipped from the Nevada to my home.

Four months before my fathers passing, my family and I were dealt an amazing setback, an EF-4 tornado destroyed our home and everything in it! Throughout the rebuilding process of our home & lives, the Bronco allowed me a special bond to my father, allowing me to grieve, and try to move forward, every time I drive it I know he is riding shotgun, smiling, and looking out the window!
My wife and I regularly take drives with the dogs, reflecting how blessed we are. We occasionally listen to the Beach Boys, his favorite band while driving the country roads with the dogs, just like he and my stepmother did!
My dad always drove the Bronco just as it was designed, it was off road with a fishing pole, yet he clearly took wonderful care of it to….its all original, even down to the shrink wrapped instructional cassette tapes in the console!
On Monday nights I regularly drive it to City Hall for City Council, I am a councilman, and I can feel his presence riding shotgun. I hope he knows how much I love him, and I hope he is proud of me, but I hope he knows that while I am driving the Bronco it means more to me than this short letter can possibly reflect. Love ya dad……