• Welcome to LMC Truck Life

    This site was born out of file cabinets filled with the letters and pictures that we have received from truck owners over the years. These letters told us the story of your truck. The highs, the lows, the happy events and the events that tug at our hearts.

    Seems every truck has a story and we can't wait to hear yours!

    Keep 'em on the road!

    President and Owner of Long Motor Corporation

  • 1984 Dodge Ram Marksman 1000 – Sara K.

    My 1984 Dodge Ram Marksman 1000 is a very special vehicle. We call her Old Blue and she has been with me since birth. She was my father's truck and it was bought the ... read more >>

  • 1958 Chevy Cameo – Bill & John W.

    In 2014, brothers John and Bill White bought Bob Crugar's 1958 Cameo. The Cameo had been in the Crugar family since November of 1960. At the time, Crugar's father, Jack, owned a '58 Impala ... read more >>

  • 1966 Ford F-100 – Frank G.

    I have owned this truck for nine years and am only the third owner.  The owners before me kept meticulous maintenance records, including what I believe to be every receipt. My goal in getting ... read more >>