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Ford Power – 1952 Ford F1

Chris Chesney's 1952 Ford F1 Chris’ 1952 Ford F1 actually started life as an F4 with a flathead V8 and a hydraulic dump bed. The truck lived most of its life on a farm in Virginia, Minnesota and was used with the local fire department. Chris bought the truck in 2011. The cab and fenders [...]

April 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

Past & Present – 1954 Chevy 3100

Paul Lucchesi Jr's 1954 Chevy 3100 The story of Paul’s 1954 Chevy 3100 begins with his father purchasing a 1954 Chevy 3100, half ton pickup in November of 1953. The truck was ordered and purchased from Bullock Chevrolet in Vineland, New Jersey. The truck was Mariner Blue and the total cost was $1,200. Paul’s father [...]

April 1st, 2017|Comments Off on Past & Present – 1954 Chevy 3100

Ruby – 1963 Ford F100

Alex Miller's 1963 Ford F100 Alex’s 1963 Ford F100 story begins with him as a freshman in high school. In the small town near where Alex lives, he saw a 1966 Ford F100 and fell in love with the body style. One Christmas, Alex found a 1963 sitting in his uncle’s garage covered up by [...]

March 29th, 2017|1 Comment

Big Red – 1985 GMC Jimmy

Phyllis Brown's 1985 GMC Jimmy Phyllis’ son, Brodie, bought this 1985 GMC Jimmy in 2000 after he had been rear-ended in a different car three times. When he brought it home, he asked Phyllis to come outside. When they got out there, he looked at the truck and said to her, “Let ‘em hit me [...]

March 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Big Red – 1985 GMC Jimmy

The Old Girl – 1952 Ford F3

Bob Jay's 1952 Ford F3 In the late 1970s, Bob’s dad bought this used 1952 Ford F3. He used the truck with a slide-in camper for travelling and also used it to attend auction sales. Bob was given the 1952 Ford F3 in 1995 and later sold it to a neighbor in Virden, Manitoba to [...]

March 25th, 2017|Comments Off on The Old Girl – 1952 Ford F3

All in the Family – 1960 Chevy C10

Samuel Felix's 1960 Chevy C10 Samuel’s 1960 Chevy C10 was originally purchased by his uncle, David Sr., in Silver City, New Mexico. Fast forward 56 years: David Sr. just turned 90 years old and was the first to inspect the 1960 Chevy C10 after its restoration. Samuel has fond memories as a teenager of going [...]

March 22nd, 2017|Comments Off on All in the Family – 1960 Chevy C10
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