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Danny Ewert 1964 Ford F-100

Danny has always been a bit of a sports car snob. He purchased his “beater” truck to haul things around, but something else happened too. The truck grew on him and now his “beater” is fully restored! Click to see his video story!

Paul Snyder 1972 Chevy

Paul and his family built this classic Chevy! What seemed like a great idea in the beginning turned into a very large task to complete. Click for their video story…

Mike Sterling Broncos


Mike has been around Broncos his entire life. He was almost born in one, drove one through high school, and has now restored a number of them with his kids. Click for more…


Mariah Campbell 1978 Ford


After years of rough Montana wear and tear, Mariah and her dad went to work on bringing their truck back to life. Click for video…


Chris Baker 1958 Chevy Apache


Chris Baker has a passion for classic vehicles and classic rock ‘n roll. He didn’t go looking for his ’58 Chevy Apache, but it fell into his lap as too good of a deal to pass up. Click for more…


Freedom High 1948 Ford1948 Ford F2

Freedom High School just completed a two year restoration and customization of a 1948 Ford F2 for a local family in their town. Click for video…


The Pattons 1951 Chevy

With the Pattons, trucks have been an integral part of many generations. Watch and hear their story of truck connection, and the ’51 Chevy that has been in the family since new.


The Blumhagens Ford F-150

The Blumhagens went on their first date in this truck. A lot has happened since then. While Capt. Blumhagen was deployed to Afghanistan his wife and kids restored their truck.


Donald Stratton 1965 Chevy


LMC Truck is both proud & honored to share the story of Pearl Harbor Survivor, Donald Stratton.

Donald is one of the few remaining sailors to have survived the bombing of the USS Arizona. This is his story.

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