1974 Ford F-100 Ranger – Harry Ostwald

Harry Ostwald 1974 Ford F-100

Harry Ostwald’s 1974 Ford F-100

My special Ford F-100 Ranger came with many factory special orders. I bought my F-100 in 2016 from a kind man named Jim. He is a very good friend of my cousin Lloyd, both living in the Billings, MT, area. Jim also has a winter retreat in Lake Havassu, AZ. He had my cousin drive it to AZ, where I took ownership in 2016.

Very happy to have this original restored truck. I continued the restoration on my own here in AZ. One of my first actions was to order a Marti Report to learn how special my F-100 Ranger really is.

* Truck was ordered on May 21, 1974
* Serialized by Ford on May 30, 1974
* Scheduled for build June 21, 1974
* Actually built July 11, 1974, twenty two days behind schedule
* Sold August 2, 1974

There were approx 399,000 F-100s built by Ford in 1974. It was 1 of 350 built with the paint and trim code, 1 of 7,822 with this special order engine and transmission; it was the first year Ford made the 460 available for use in their pickup line. The 460 made its debut with the Lincoln Continental in early years. Having a Ford Motor label under the hood on the compressor and original in-dash air conditioning also makes it very special. It was delivered to a dealer named BJ Ford in Harvey, ND. I tried looking them up but had no luck finding that dealer.

My truck is all original with only two exceptions. 1: It had been delivered as 1 of 2,048 made with a brown deluxe pickup box cover that was not on the truck when I bought it from Jim. 2: We have put different wheels on the truck since it was restored.

Everything works and she is 99.9% the way she was when it came off the assembly line. My grandkids love to go for drives, and they had to learn how we fastened seat belts back then. They always ask me, “grampa, why do all the people that drive by us wave?” I smile and say, “they love our pickup.

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