1978 Chevy Scottsdale – Donald Campbell

Donald Campbell 1978 Chevy Scottsdale

Donald Campbell’s 1978 Chevy Scottsdale

I paid $600 for this truck. It was a rusted out basket case, so to speak, 250 straight 6, with a 3 in the tree. I put new bedsides, doors, and front fenders on this pick up, and added a fiber glass hood. This truck has always been street/strip and runs in the 11.50 range, at 115 mph in 1/4 mile.

I first had this truck painted teal, and decided it was time for a change! I got the tail light weld ins, and the front side marker weld in and covered them over. I added a roll pan with strip lights for tail and found some 3/4 inch LEDs for the side markers, and also front turn signals, and running lights. Painted it flat gray primer on top with semi-gloss black on bottom. I will be separating the 2 colors with a 1-inch gloss white stripe and calling it quits for the time being. 

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