1951 Ford F-1 – Tony Sepolpo

Tony Sepolpo 1951 Ford F1  

Tony Sepolpo’s 1951 Ford F-1

While I can’t say that I am the original owner, when people look at my 76-year-old face, they just assume that I may be. I CAN say that I’ve owned it many years now. The two of us are a familiar sight here in rural Williams, OR.

The wood side boards and the box in the bed came from an old cabin that was on our property. The 1969 289 engine has been very faithful to me, never stranded once in our over 250,000 mile relationship.

It is basically stock except for a pointless ignition system and a 500 Edelbrock carb. Mickey Thompson aluminum valve covers (over 40 years old) cover the valve train on the heads which never have been removed. An aftermarket temp controlled fan sits in front of the radiator, thus eliminating the belt driven one.

It doesn’t burn much oil but leaks a little. Located below the 1956 Fairlane steering wheel is the original “three on the tree” gear shift. This is then attached to a 1967 Mustang gear box which then powers a Fairlane 3rd member.

The truck will never be for sale. In the past, a sign on the back window stated, “My son still gets it.”

Recently, I did a complete brake and steering gear job on it. Thanks to LMC, they were able to supply me with all I needed, drums, wheel cylinders, steering stabilizer, etc.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times from guys, “I had one of those years ago – sure wish I had it now!”

Special comments from my wife: “I call the truck a CHICK MAGNET! Guys look at the truck every once in a while and ask questions, BUT the ladies RUN after my husband commenting on how they think the truck is so beautiful. I don’t worry, but should I?”

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