1975 GMC Gentleman Jim – Scott Kauffman

Black and gold 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim

Scott Kauffman’s 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim

1975 GMC Gentleman Jim. Less than 1,000 built. GMC’s first limited edition truck. First truck with factory standard, 60 series tires, bucket seats and console, AC, full gauges with Tach, AM-FM-8 Track stereo. Stereo speakers in kick panels are factory, extra sound deadener, first truck with hood stripes. Side moldings are gold and the only truck like this until 1977.

GMC dealers had to sign up to participate to be able to order these trucks. The first black and gold factory gmGM paint job before the Trans Am made it popular. The gold is called Gentleman Jim Gold. Sales brochure specific to this truck. RPO code in glovebox is 9A5 GMC Promotional Package.

This truck is mostly original with only 39,000 miles. Has the factory Gentleman Jim options of bed rails, tonneau cover and Cibie driving lights. The bed rails are specific to GJ and designed for the tonneau cover because it is a two piece cover zipped in the middle that slides in channels mounted to the bed. Still has its original BFG LR60 spare tire. Original exhaust with all smog equipment still in tact.

Most people are not aware of these trucks and these were the first step in truck sales to market to not the regular truck buyer. I purchased the truck a few months ago and have slowly been going over the items that needed replacing for safety and driving reliability. 

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  1. Douglas Kee August 6, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    I have one as well that i am trying to restore but i canmot find the door panels.

  2. Lynn August 16, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    I am purchasing one and am looking for a replacement for the tonneau cover. Any ideas?

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