Legacy – 1980 Chevy C10 Bonanza

1980 Chevy C10 Bonanza

Jesse Timmons’ 1980 Chevy C10 Bonanza

Jesse’s 1980 Chevy C10 Bonanza was purchased brand new by his grandfather in 1980. This truck was the last vehicle that Jesse’s grandfather bought new and he made sure to order all the options. Jesse still has all the original dealership documents showing that the truck was delivered with eight miles on the odometer.

Jesse never got to meet his grandfather who passed away just two days before Jesse was born. The truck was passed to Jesse’s mother and then it sat deteriorating for the next 15 years. The truck became a playground for Jesse when he was a kid. He would go outside and play in the cab. Jesse’s mother eventually fell on hard times and had to sell the truck.

The truck was gone and Jesse assumed that it had probably been scrapped.

As Jesse got older, he wanted to buy a truck similar to his grandfather’s. He asked his wife if she had ever heard of a Chevrolet Bonanza. She responded that she had only heard of a Silverado. Jesse assumed that he probably wouldn’t be able to find another Bonanza, so the plan was to find a decent Silverado and paint it red and white just like his grandfather’s.

Jesse began his search. He typed “BONANZA” into Craigslist. There was only one ad for sale locally. The truck was red and white. Jesse knew immediately that this was his grandfather’s truck. It was for sale just twenty minutes from his house. The best part was the asking price was more than fair. Jesse bought the truck on the spot.

The glove box still had the original paperwork in it. The rest of the truck was pretty worn out and a little rough, but nothing was stopping Jesse from buying it.

Jesse is still working on bringing the truck back to its former glory. The truck is now a huge part of Jesse’s family and he knows his grandfather is riding shotgun in spirit.

“The truck has brought back many memories from my childhood and now as my kids get older it makes me happy to know that they enjoy playing in the bed of the truck, just as I did as a child.”
-Jesse Timmons

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