Fred’s Truck – 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale

1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale

Robert Cheek’s 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale

Robert’s 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale was purchased new by his wife’s uncle, Fred. Fred was not a man for bells and whistles, so this K20 is a basic truck. It has a Chevy small block 350, power steering, power brakes, 4-speed manual transmission, manual locking hubs, AM radio, heater/defroster and no AC. The truck was Fred’s source of transportation to his favorite hunting and fishing spots in Colorado.

About 10 years ago, Fred passed away and Robert forgot about his truck. In 2014 Robert and his wife were travelling back to Colorado for her aunt’s funeral. When they arrived, sitting in the driveway was the 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale.

Robert purchased the truck on that trip, and they drove it back to Indiana. They averaged about 10 miles per gallon on the trip and had to swap in a new battery in Kansas.

Robert and his wife did not initially restore the truck. The 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale was working well enough that Robert used it as a daily driver.

After some time, Robert’s brother, Stan of Stan’s Auto Body and Paint in Muncie, Indiana, finally convinced Robert to let him have the truck for a refresh. There was a semi-frame-off refresh. The new colors are ’09 Kia Spring Yellow over ’99 GMC Arctic White. Robert now wears sunglasses on cloudy days to drive the K20.

The truck is now living the life of luxury. Fred used to mount an 11-foot camper in the bed, towed a 24-foot travel trailer and a bass boat; sometimes all at once.

Robert was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Fred’s 1979 Chevy K20 Scottsdale was a welcome diversion from all the tests and treatments. In 2016, Robert was pronounced cancer-free and the K20 was ready to finally start the show circuit.

“I will start showing the truck this year, even though it’s still a work in progress. My son will probably get it when I can no longer drive, but that’s gonna be awhile.”
-Robert Cheek

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  1. Dave Brown April 20, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Great looking rig and even better, congrats of being cancer FREE!

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