Dad’s Truck – 1972 Ford F100

1972 Ford F100

Rick Martinez’s 1972 Ford F100

Rick’s father has owned this 1972 Ford F100 since 1977. His father bought it from a friend. Rick’s father used the truck to drive from Culver City to San Diego about 100 miles and come home on the weekends.

His father battled cancer and passed away in 1997 at 70 years old. Rick’s mother gave the truck to Rick. He would sometimes use the truck to pull a trailer and make a haul to the dump.

Rick’s nephew used the truck to take Rick’s mother everywhere, since she never drove. They went to doctors’ appointments, shopping, everywhere – until the transmission went out.

The truck sat for 10 years. Rick’s mom began to ask him to get it running again and not let it rot. Rick finally began working on the truck to get it started again. He replaced the carburetor. He had the gas tank removed, cleaned and then replaced. Rick also replaced most of the fuel lines, the front springs, all shocks and bushings. He also updated the starter, some trim, side mirrors, grille and all the headlights.

Rick’s favorite memory of the 1972 Ford F100 is taking his 93-year-old mother for a ride the day he picked up the truck from the transmission shop.

Rick has no plans to sell the truck. Someday he hopes to give the truck to one of his grandkids or great grandkids.

“During family reunions, we have at my place each year, someone also asks to see the truck.”
-Rick Martinez

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