1968 GMC K2500 – Larry Sattler

1968 GMC K2500

In January of 2012, I began to restore my 1968 GMC K2500 (3/4 ton, 4×4 truck). This was a custom built truck originally purchased for use in my sign company. West Coast mirrors were added. It carried a Fanklin slide-in camper, on occasion, for weekends and extended vacations. It later became a farm truck to haul gravity wagons to the elevator, when the bumper was changed to an agricultural bumper.

Our sons enjoyed driving it around the farm. Since then, they both topped 6 feet and find the legroom to be inadequate.

It was retired and stored in the barn around 1987, when the brakes and other parts began to fail. It currently has 86,000 miles on it.

I kept every original part of this 1968 GMC K2500 that I could. The windshield was replaced in 1979. All other windows are original. It was necessary to replace the full cab floor, bed sides and bed panel, the front and rear wheel wells, inner and outer rocker panels, inner and outer lower door parts, oak bed floor with metal strips and wear strips. All parts were purchased from LMC.

The original color was orange and the restoration color is clear coat Atomic Orange. The bodywork and painting was done by a local businessman, Randy Doll.

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