Miss Betty – 1975 Ford Bronco

1975 Ford Bronco

Greg Sanford’s 1975 Ford Bronco

Since he was 16 years old, Greg has always had the dream of owning a Ford Bronco. Thirty years later his dream became a reality when he found this 1975 Ford Bronco.

His Bronco was discovered in a barn in pretty good shape considering it had not been driven since 1988. It took Greg and his dad a couple months to get the truck up and running.

Greg’s wife named the Bronco Miss Betty and they drive her everywhere. Miss Betty is even making an appearance as an action car in the Tom Cruise movie, American Made, which is set to come out in September 2017. Miss Betty was also in a country music video for a local up and coming country singer.

It was after both on-screen appearances that they decided it was time for a frame off restoration. It took a total of nine months working every Saturday to finish.

Miss Betty is absolutely beautiful!

β€œI look forward to making lots of memories with my family and Miss Betty.”
-Greg Sanford

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