Li’l Red – 1979 Dodge Ram

1979 Dodge Ram

Mike Alessandri’s 1979 Dodge Ram

Mike rescued this 1979 Dodge Ram from going to a scrap yard. Mike decided to build a Li’l Red Express truck. He changed the cab by using a tree in his backyard for leverage because the original cab was rusty.

Mike is in and out of the hospital from time to time. He is disabled and has done a lot of trading work for parts. Mike worked a lot of long nights and days welding, sanding, and painting. He has had to replace the windshield. Mike really was getting the 1979 Dodge Ram close to what he wanted when his wife mentioned an upcoming car show.

He worked days and nights to get ready for the show. They received a 2nd place trophy and an award for the oldest truck at the show. They were happy that all those long days and nights had paid off.

“Still more work to do on this Li’l Red Express and more car shows to come.”
-Mike Alessandri

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