Future Birthday – 1983 Chevy Scottsdale

1983 Chevy Scottsdale

Frank Ancarrow’s 1983 Chevy Scottsdale

Frank bought his 1983 Chevy Scottsdale shortbed brand new. The truck has a 350 V8 with a four barrel carburetor.

A couple of years ago when his grandson, Joshua, was six years old and Frank was 71 years old, they started to restore Frank’s truck because Joshua liked it so much.

Little by little they would buy parts from LMC and have been working on it ever since. They have installed new mufflers, tail pipes, spark plug wires, spark plugs and valve cover gaskets. They decided to add chrome valve covers, a chrome air cleaner, a stainless steel overflow kit, a chrome alternator and a chrome flexplate since Joshua loved how the chrome looked under the hood.

They also added the chrome grille and chrome headlight trim to the front of the truck. Frank and Joshua replaced the back bumper with a filler panel and rear roll pan, then had the truck sanded and painted.

Once the outside of the 1983 Chevy Scottsdale looked new, they started working on the interior. They installed new door panels, a dash, carpet, seats, a console and a new steering wheel. They also installed new brake shoes and pads. For the last added touch, Joshua picked out a new Chevy mirror, tires and rims that he liked.

About once a week, Frank picks up Joshua from school so they can ride home with the windows down and enjoy the truck. They always get compliments wherever they go. There have been many offers to buy the truck, but Joshua always says, “It is not for sale, but thanks.”

Frank hopes to enjoy the truck together with Joshua for many more years.

“I plan on giving this truck to Joshua on his 16th birthday. I hope he will pass it on to his children too one day.”
-Frank Ancarrow

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