Fireball – 1979 Ford F100

1979 Ford F100

Bryan Craig’s 1979 Ford F100

Bryan found this 1979 Ford F100 on a Craigslist ad. The previous owner was selling the engine and drivetrain with a “free truck.” Bryan fell in love.

Bryan drove an hour and a half south to negotiate the deal. Bryan talked the previous owner into cutting his price in half. Thirty minutes later he was driving back home.

While on the turnpike the MSD ignition stopped for no reason, shooting a fireball out the back at Bryan’s girlfriend, who was following him in their Camry. She immediately called him to say, “Told ya so!”

Bryan was able to coax the 1979 Ford F100 back home, with no tag or speedometer. Bryan pulled up next to a childhood friend and acted cool and collected. He gave no indication of the last hour and a half of white knuckle driving.

From there Bryan’s goal was to keep this 1979 Ford F100 running. After many purchases from LMC that included new floors, interior, suspension and speedometer gear, plus numerous patch panels, she is done.

Bryan uses the truck to deliver furniture from his part-time hobby furniture business. The truck’s second duty is to take the kids around to car shows and Home Depot on the weekends.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it!”
-Bryan Craig

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