C10 Meets the Grey Ghost – 1971 Chevy C10

1971 Chevy C10

Casey Fields’ 1971 Chevy C10

Casey Fields has had a passion for old trucks since he was a kid watching his dad work on various wrecks and restorations. His parents had a C10 they used to haul the family boat with, and that was the first vehicle Casey ever got the chance to drive. Even though he was too young to drive legally on the road, those early driving adventures in their field had more than a little something to do with him picking up his own 1971 Chevy C10 project truck.

Casey picked up his friend’s abandoned project and drove it for a year, only buying little things for it here and there. As the real restoration work finally began, his dad convinced him that he’d never be happy with the C10 unless he did a frame-off restoration. With a vision in mind and the help of his dad, Casey attacked the project knowing he’d have the support of his wife and a beautiful truck in the end.

On top of the frame-up restoration, Casey customized the C10 by lowering it and c-notching the rear for added clearance, relocating the fuel tank out of the cab, adding a custom sound system, and upgrading to 14” disc brakes all around wrapped in 20” wheels. He left the interior mostly stock looking, but he added a houndstooth seat cover, white gauges, and replacement headliner. For power, Casey dropped in a 350 crate engine running through a TH400 transmission.

Despite the many late nights and weekends working on it, let alone the financial drain, Casey’s wife always had positive support for the project. And now they have a beautifully done truck as the result. Plus, Casey merged the truck with his other passion, old Schwinn Stingray bicycles. He now has four different Stingrays he changes out in the bed to add a bit more character, including a hard-to-find Grey Ghost.

Casey’s truck spends a bit of time at shows, and it gets a lot of great attention and positive comments about all the work that went into it, but it’s obvious how much he loves his truck since he’d rather be taking it on a drive or turning a wrench on it. Casey knows that good truck project never really ends, as you’re always looking for the next small upgrade, but we definitely think this one looks great and we’re happy to be part of the journey.

“It’s a great feeling to ride down the highway in something you have had all the way apart and know every nut and bolt in it.”
—Casey Fields

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  1. Casey Fields December 27, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Thank you guys for the wonderful write up, The LMC Truck Life is a reason we all come back. Wither its a full frame off restoration or daily driver, your interested in our stories. Not just our orders. Thanks again….

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