Ford Fever – 1978 Ford F150

1978 Ford F150

Kevin Wilkerson’s 1978 Ford F150

Whether you own one or several, chances are you’ve made a connection with a truck before. On a much bigger scale, you know you’ve got something exceptional when you own 31 Ford trucks but can easily narrow it down to just one favorite. That’s the case with Kevin Wilkerson’s 1978 Ford F150.

When his son was just one year old, Kevin performed a frame-off restoration of a 1970 Ford short bed. He ended up selling that truck when his son was five, but once his son became a teenager, Kevin got the itch to find a four-wheel drive Ford shortbed again and tackle a 100% frame-off restoration. Kevin traded one of his old beater four-wheel drive Fords for this one, which would end up sitting for a year before he began the restoration project.

Four years and $60,000 later, and the project is finally done, complete with Ford Grabber Blue paint to make it stand out in a crowd. What isn’t so easy to see from the outside is all the other work that went into this F150, including a Detroit Locker with 4.56:1 gears, custom shafts, custom headers, and plenty of other performance modifications. Plus, everything else is new, including all the wiring, sound system, chrome trim, and plenty of other restoration parts from LMC Truck.

Times change, and so do opinions. Kevin’s son was just 15 years old when he helped unload the truck as it was first delivered, and he thought his dad was crazy for taking on the project. At 20 years old, and having spent some time in the U.S. Air Force, his son now has a new appreciation for the truck, and Kevin is thinking about putting some Air Force logos on it.

With how great this 1978 Ford F150 turned out, we’re hoping to hear some more stories about any of the other trucks in Kevin’s massive collection.

“I own 31 Ford trucks, and this is definitely my favorite one! Words can’t explain how it feels to drive it around town.”
—Kevin Wilkerson

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  1. Doug Shaner December 1, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Kevins truck is fantastic I’ve seen it in person he really did an excellent job on it.

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