From Generation to Generation – 1968 Chevy C10

1968 Chevy C10

John and Grant Mollett’s 1968 Chevy C10

This 1968 Chevy C10 was a truck I remember from my childhood. This truck was a buddy of mine’s truck when were in high school. I always liked the truck then and knew I would someday own one. Then 20 years later another buddy of mine bought this same truck, now in a lot worse shape than I had ever remembered it. He had planned on restoring it. He owned it for five years and lost interest and wanted to sell it, so I bought the truck at that time.  I was confident that this truck had potential to be a good-looking truck.

This is when the restoration started. I went to LMC Truck, got a catalog and ordered every part I could for the truck to make it as close to new as possible, including all sheet metal, electrical, etc. The project took me approximately 11 months to complete. It is very fun to drive and brings back a lot of memories and gets a lot of looks. I have restored the truck for my son so he can enjoy it and make his own memories.

This truck has a modern drivetrain to make it more enjoyable to drive, including an LS1 engine, 4L60-E transmission, Vintage Air, RetroSound radio with Bluetooth, 20 inch wheels and tires and leather seats out of a newer Chevrolet truck.

This project was a rewarding restoration because it was something I could not only bring back from my childhood but bring to life for my son’s childhood.

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